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Silhouette Love!

I loooove silhouettes!!! Can you tell? I had my logo modeled after that fashion Queen Marie Antionette and had it tatooed on my arm as well!

Silhouettes are striking and beautiful and show gorgeous hair dos!

They’re so simple and even the most interesting faces can make beautiful silhouettes.  They began as a way for a woman to remember her lovers likeness, she would trace the shadow his face cast on the wall by the light of a candle. Genius right? Who wants to paint a wall with chalkboardpaint and trace their honey’s face straight on it!?? I do!

Silhouettes were known as “shades” or “profiles” in Great Britain, and as “l’art de l’ombre" ("shadow art") in France in the mid 1700’s.  The term silhouette is most likely related to either the cheapness or the quickness of the medium.  They are thought to have been named silhouettes after the French economist Étienne de Silhouette. Some say he inspired the name because of how cheap and quickly one could make a profile, others say because he was proud of his own well known collection of profiles he made.

Jane Austen

However, the most reasonable explanation was that the term silhouette simply became synonymous with cheap in france.

Habits à la Silhouette were men’s waistcoats that had no pockets — cheap not only because it cost less to make garments without pockets (less fabric, less labor), but because not having pockets suggested that you didn’t have money to put in them.

Silhouettes were much faster and cheaper to make than the traditional portraits and were ideal for long distance lovers or travelers to keep likenesses of loved ones.

Auguste Edouart popularized silhouettes in the early 1800’s in England and the US.  He made full length portraits and scenes of all walks of life.

Have you ever had your silhouette done?

Here’s mine from last fall when I was at Disneyland and when I had long hair and wore a big bun on top of my head every day!

  • 28 March 2012