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Tutorial: Brigitte Bardot

Hey beauties!  Do you sometimes want to wear fringe but don’t want the commitment of cutting them? How about wanting to wear your hair a la Brigitte Bardot?  Even if you haven’t thought about it until now, here’s a sweet and simple tutorial for faux bangs and a sassy Brigitte Bardot updo! 

Here is my lovely model before and after!

1. First off section your hair; one section that you will make into your fringe at your front hairline, then a half moon section right behind the fringe, and the rest of each side, and put them all into clips.  Leave the back of your head free for the next step

2. Brush all the hair at the back of the head to one side and make a seam with bob pins straight up the center of your head. Hairspray as needed.

3. Roll the other side of your hair over into the middle creating a french twist & secure with bob pins. Hairspray as needed. 

4. Next start at the top half moon section of hair and backcomb the roots lightly, then curl with a  1” curling iron & clip into place, it should make about three curls, do the same on the side, curling away from the face.

5. Backcomb, curl & clip into place on the other side as well.

6. For the fringe area, part it right down the middle and curl each side back from the face, be sure to really drag the roots down on your forehead so they will lay flat later, clip into place.

7. Take all the cups out and gently rake your fingers through your hair pulling it back toward the top of your french twist, pin into place.  Its okay to leave ends out and loose, this is a messy do!

8. Then gently brush your faux fringe area onto your forehead and back behind your ear, joining it with the rest of the hair in the back, hide bob pins where needed. 

9.  Here it is! You can see that I left the ends loose and unpinned, and only a few pins were actually used, with minimal hairspray to get that messy undone Brigitte Bardot look!

  • 30 October 2013
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